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Specialty Equipment Services - Industrial Inkjet Solutions

Technology changes move at light speed, shouldn’t your variable data printer vendor do the same? Specialty Equipment Services won’t try to pigeon hole your ink jet printing application into an available solution. We’ll work with your production and technology team to create a custom built system that addresses your specific needs. Our hardware, software and ink engineering team has decades of experience to answer most any question you may have. The Postmark printers (powered by XiJet) are some of the most user friendly and dynamic in the industry today.
Our printer product offering includes Lexmark™, HP™, Xaar™ and Konica-Minolta™. No matter the substrate, printing position or environment there is a Postmark™ ink jet printer and a Collins™ manufactured ink to solve your printing question. We provide ink jet printers for commercial print / mailers and newspaper publishers around the world. With more than a century of experience in the publishing industry SES can offer reasonable and thoughtful ideas to your production and technology staff to save you time and money.